Meet Hope Sword, our dear friend and the creative force behind Pigsty Studio - a small floral studio based out of Venice, CA. Her emphasis on locally foraged ingredients and California / West Coast flowers make for beautiful nontraditional arrangements you can’t find anywhere else. She is always creating magic by mixing pieces that you may not find in your everyday arrangement. Don’t be surprised if you see her using lemons, garlic scapes, Spanish moss, or sage from her own garden. You can find Hope foraging for flowers on the side of the road, hiking in the hills with her dog Chi chi, or sipping natural wine in her backyard with friends. Dive into her world of ethereal beauty here @Pigsty.

Get to know our favorite florist below. 

What is your favorite flower?

Such a tough question! It really depends on the season, what’s blooming and unusual varieties. I love bearded iris in spring, tree peonies, poppies, enormous dahlias, Japanese anemone ... I really could go on and on. I love delicate and soft flowers most of all.

What has been your favorite event you made flowers for?

It wasn’t an event per se, but my favorite arrangement I ever made was for the New York Times when they first became a client. I cried writing the notecard because I felt as if I had reached a new chapter in my business and was so proud of myself.

What is your approach to creating less waste in the flower industry? 

I have worked in flowers for 15 years now and paid close attention the amount that I order for each event and try extremely hard not to over order. I shop seasonally and whatever looks the freshest and naturally grown. Over time, this informs the wholesalers of which product is selling (Oregon > Imported flowers). Whenever possible I like to work with local farms, from Carpenteria to downtown LA.

We know you’re a natural wine lover.  What are your go to wines at the moment? Where do you buy them?

I LOVE natural wine. I love BROC Cellars, anything Las Jaras & Keep Wines. I buy them at my local wine shop Lincoln Fine Wines. I also just signed up for RockJuice wine club out of SF which sends 6 bottles every two months and I’m loving it.

What does your ideal Friday night look like?

Ideal Friday night is best with my friends, making a big spicy dinner, playing good music & drinking yum wine.

What can we always find in your fridge?

Oat milk. Pickled onions. Pickled anything. Gjusta hot sauce. Farmers market eggs. What else does one need?

What is something new you have discovered about yourself through spending time at home during quarantine? 

I discovered that I hate computers. I have to be dragged onto a zoom call. 

But seriously - I am extremely grateful for the space I have in my studio to do what I love and do it safely. I think having the extra time to experiment with my work and expression has helped calm my nerves and keep me grounded in an uncertain world.

What is your favorite Morning View? 

My favorite morning view is on a trail in Sun Valley, cold and sunny. Smelling of pine and river water :)

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