Like many things, we discovered Serafina and her company Capisce Market on Instagram. We were immediately drawn to her natural style of living and cooking in the Santa Barbara mountains. She felt like a friend we had not met yet. We were lucky enough to be invited over for a morning at her home. We chatted about owning a small businesses, enjoying nature, life during quarantine, favorite foods and more. She made us a citrus salad of oranges and grapefruits picked from her backyard. It felt like the perfect spring treat, recipe shared below.

Capisce Market offers a variety of items such as homemade gluten free granolas, breads, crackers, candles, textiles and vintage books. Pretty much everything we want to fill our homes with. If you live in the Santa Barbara/LA area you can order her bread and granola for pick up and let me tell you her gluten free rolls were some of the best GF bread we have ever tasted. You can feel the love and attention she puts into her food. 

A note from Capisce Market:

All ingredients are organic and local when possible, sourced from nearby Santa Barbara markets and purchased as needed to prevent waste. A true ( & somewhat obsessive) quest to find the best tasting, pure ingredients in their most natural form. You will not find weird unpleasant oils, chemically sprayed ingredients, refined sugars, or preservatives in any of Capisce products. Each batch is made to order in Santa Barbara, California and best eaten within five weeks of batch date.”

Read on to get to know a little more about Serafina and Capisce Market.

How do you start your day?
I wake up usually around sunrise and head straight to making coffee. I’ll then sit for a meditation and read something inspiring to start the day. Next is always a garden check! I love hearing all the birds and creatures wake up and seeing what new sprouts have appeared in our garden. Even though I wake up early, I savor a slow morning without rushing.

What is your food philosophy?
Eat in-season local foods and what feels good for your body. Sometimes I won’t have steak for a year then all of a sudden I crave it. So I’ll eat some and it’s the best. I also think it’s really important to have a connection with where and how your food is grown. For instance, investigating organic vs non-organic and how that affects not just the nutrients you receive but everything from the farm workers, to environment and even taste. It’s such a deep ecosystem!

What's always in your fridge?
Eggs, lettuces, herbs, homemade kraut, olives, homemade nut milk, pecorino, goat butter, gerolsteiner sparkling water, and almond butter. Oh, dark chocolate too!

What ingredient are you most excited about right now and why? Seeing all the young and tender spring produce starting to pop up is so exciting! I can’t get enough of the baby artichokes, shelling peas, and asparagus. Also strawberries are finally coming back after what feels like months of only citrus and I couldn't be happier…!

What are you reading?

I have an ambitious stack at the moment. But currently circulating between Beauty by John O’Donohue, Bringing it to the Table by Wendell Berry, and Honor Thy Label by Gero Leson (Dr.Bronnner’s journey to an ethical supply chain).

Who or what inspires you?
The hopeful future of agriculture to more local and regenerative practices.


Favorite cookbook?
My Pantry by Alice Waters and Dinner at the Long Table by Andrew Tarlow.

Favorite album to put on at home?
Too many to name! But Kevin Morby never gets old...

How do you like to interact with Nature?
Growing our own food! Watching seedlings sprout never ceases to amaze me - sensing the aliveness of food. I always think of the quote by buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh as he describes farming and food so perfectly, “Looking deeply into the bread, see the golden wheat fields and the beautiful countryside around them; see the labor of the farmer, the miller, and the baker. The bread doesn’t come from nothing. It comes from the grains, the rain, the sun, the soil, and the hard work of many people. The whole universe has brought this piece of bread to you. … when we’re truly in touch with the bread, we’re nourished by the entire universe. We receive the body of the cosmos in every mouthful of food we eat.”

Also surfing! And long walks in nature - noticing all that’s in bloom through the seasons.

Favorite place to visit?
Anywhere near water and I’m happy :)

What is natural beauty to you?

Noticing beauty all around is so important to me. How a sunset’s golden light is shining onto a flower, the wrinkles around a loved one’s eyes when they smile, to the aliveness of our food. It’s all so deeply beautiful and just noticing and appreciating can instantly change my mood.

What’s something new you’ve tried out or been learning about, lately?
I’m currently testing out a gluten-free sourdough focaccia and that’s been a process!

What is your favorite Morning View?
Waking up next to my boyfriend, Alex!


4 medium sized citrus (can be a mixture of grapefruit, oranges, tangerines - all work well here!)

Fresh mint



Textured salt

-Cut the skin and pith (the white part) away from the citrus. 

-Cut each citrus horizontal and assemble on a plate. 

-Top with chopped mint and pistachios.

-Drizzle honey of your choice and sprinkle textured salt.

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